Sunday, August 4, 2013

SiR is on Hiatus.

SparxLab Projects, the parent of both and has recently entered into a new literary entertainment project. As a result, will be going on temporary hiatus as of this post. Although a return date hasn't yet been set, I hope you'll take this break to explore our archives and enjoy past columns. I've also stripped out all advertising to help clear the clutter from your reading.

Thank you for dropping by and spending time on these pages and those at

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Zimmerman verdict redefines the "hoodie".

As a result of the controversial jury decision in the George Zimmerman trial this past week, urban fashion designers have redesigned a staple of the urban wardrobe. As seen modeled here by a Sanford Florida community volunteer, the "hoodie", suspiciously maligned as a piece of clothing worn to deliberately conceal one's identity, and therefore one's intent to perpetrate violent acts, has been radically redesigned.

The garment's new design is said to be both contemporary and fashionable while leaving no doubt whatsoever, of the wearer's demeanor. Neighborhood watch personnel throughout the state of Florida have insisted that they do not find any reason why wearers of the restyled garment would be subject to any illegal profiling.

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Lone Ranger plays to the lonely, only.

Here's today's safest bet in Hollywood - Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer will not be making a reboot of Disney's John Carter of Mars.

As Disney waited at the station for The Lone Ranger money train to pull in today, it seems that Despicable Me 2's yellow minions had grabbed all the loot and hightailed it back to their own theme park attraction.

In the meantime, the mouse's summer train of movie hits most definitely came off the tracks.

The second safest bet in Hollywood today - Pirates 5 is no longer a guarantee. Mr. Depp, time to rediscover your dramatic roots and fire a few of the make-up staff. Dreadlocks and feathers seem to have fallen desperately out of fashion.

As for the worst job in Hollywood today? Well, that would be Armie Hammer's agent.

Stills pics from "The Lone Ranger", Disney Studios. Most of you apparently haven't seen them before.